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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby Q {Cypress, TX Child and Family Photographer}

I first met beautiful Quincy and her mom a little over six months ago for her newborn session, and was so thrilled that they came back to mark her 6 month milestone. This time they brought Daddy along and it was so much fun to watch the interaction and love between this sweet little family.

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 cypress texas baby photography photo quincy1cropWEB_zps52be457c.jpg

 cypress tx child photographer photo fam6WEB_zps5fc2c2fe.jpg

 cypress tx family photographer photo fam7cropWEB_zpsa8ea61a7.jpg

 cypress tx children's photographer photo quincy4cropWEB_zps13d97996.jpg

 cypress tx baby photographer photo quincy3cropWEB_zps06be94be.jpg

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Caitlyn, Class of 2013 {Cypress, TX Senior Portrait Photographer}

This sweet girl is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside ... and that's saying a lot because she's really beautiful, isn't she??  She's also athletic, hardworking, smart, family-oriented, I could go on and on. Yeah, she's pretty awesome. :)

It was a complete joy spending the evening with Caitlyn and her mom, and I'm so thankful they chose me to take her senior portraits!

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 cypress tx senior photographer photo cait1cropWEB_zpsfd8a5a85.jpg

 cypress texas senior portraits photo cait7cropWEB_zpsc1317f46.jpg

 cypress tx senior portrait photographer photo cait3cropWEB_zps6dcba6c9.jpg

 cypress tx senior pictures photo dog1cropWEB_zps09399375.jpg

 cypress tx high school photographer photo caitpinkbiWEB_zps138a6a2a.jpg

 cypress texas senior portraits pictures photo flowertriWEB_zpsaedf7511.jpg

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Andrew, Class of 2013 {Cypress, TX Senior Portrait Photographer}

I could not have asked for a more polite, respectful, kind, and easy-going person to spend the evening with. Just a genuinely NICE guy, right down to the bone. He's headed to college on an academic scholarship, and I know his mom and dad are so proud. If my kiddos turn out half as well as he did, I'll be one happy mama!

I love bragging on my seniors, and Andy deserves every bit of it!
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cypress tx senior photographer  photo A3cropWEB-1_zps4dd9edd9.jpg

 cypress texas senior portraits photo AndybiWEB_zps32bac80b.jpg

 cypress tx senior portrait photographer photo A25x7WEB_zps1157ccd3.jpg

 graduation photographer cypress tx photo A5cropWEB-1_zpsca68dd3a.jpg

 senior graduation photographer cypress tx photo A6cropWEB_zpsb59a879d.jpg

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The "M" Family {Cypress, TX Baby and Family Photographer}

I loved meeting and working with this sweet new family! All three of them were beautiful in front of the camera, and mama knocked it out of the park with her clothing choices. I LOVE COLOR ... the bolder, the brighter, the better! (That's why you rarely see me do black and white, because I'm addicted to vibrant images.)

Thank you so much, T, for choosing me to be the one to capture this time in your lives! Now, go enjoy your gorgeousness:

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 cypress tx baby photographer photo fam8cropWEB_zpsaf3c68c0.jpg

cypress texas childrens portraits photo lan10cropWEB_zpse1d0d785.jpg

 photographer children family cypress tx photo lan2cropWEB_zps6c136a49.jpg

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthday Boy!! {Cypress, TX Children's Birthday Photographer}

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I am beyond thrilled that this adorable guy's mom has been bringing him to me since he was a newborn. Watching him grow over the past year has been such an honor! I get really attached to these sweet kiddos that come see me, and am so thankful when I get to see them again and again!

 cypress birthday photographer photo cake1cropWEB_zpsb87b0b70.jpg


 cypress tx newborn photographer photo C12closecropWEB.jpg

6 Months

 cypress tx baby photographer 6 months photo C1cropWEB-4.jpg

One Year!

cypress tx children's photographer  photo calbiWEB_zpsaeaffaac.jpg

cypress tx childrens photography  photo cal2cropWEB_zps9fa7e2c8.jpg

 houston tx kids photographer photo Cal6cropWEB_zps76af15d7.jpg

 cypress tx family photographer photo kids4cropWEB_zps4d370569.jpg

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