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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wow 'Em Wednesday ... er, uh, Thursday! {Get Down on Their Level}

Whoops, I admit it! I completely forgot to post yesterday and I am SO sorry to those who were watching for my weekly tip!! No excuses, just apologies!

Now, on to the good stuff:

This week's tip is to think about what level you are shooting from. Have you seen those pictures of your friends' kids or babies (or even pets) where you can tell the photographer is standing way above the subject, so the subject's head looks huge and their body looks tiny? It's definitely not the most flattering look.

So, pay attention to where you are in relation to your subject. Here are some angles I really like to work with:

It's OK to be slightly above the person. This helps get the wide-open eyes with light reflected in them. Just don't be too far above them.


Try kneeling, crouching, or sitting down.

If I would have been standing, I would have missed this shot of cute little E making perfect eye contact with my camera.

Lots of times, I even lie down on the ground!


Trying different levels makes your pictures more interesting and can add a whole different perspective!

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